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To get the amazing Cream Curl taste we have today, wasn’t an overnight discovery – it took a lot of time and a whole lot of mess! But all that cream & milk wasn’t wasted for nothing, without it we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today. Through trial and error we have found the perfect selection of flavours, which you can choose from to create a Cream Curl that tastes just right for you. Rolled ice cream has many different names around the world, Thai-rolled ice cream, stir fried ice cream, stir-fried gelato. Here at Cream Curls we simply call it “Delicious”!
But we’re not just about the rolled ice cream, we have a fantastic array of desserts, milkshakes and hot food to tempt even the fussiest of eaters. From crepes to waffles, milkshakes to milk cake, burgers to waffle pizza’s we’ve got something you’ll love. From our original small shop in Heaton, Newcastle we have rapidly expanded and now have 9 stores around the country with another 1 due to open in the near future.

Exceed Developments was founded originally by the name of XH Skinning & Modding by one which then grew to three.

Originally known for the skinning services in which it provides. Crafting acute pieces which were loved and made with the utmost delicacy. Said skins were made either portraying realistic vehicles from Britain, or fictional work creatively made with the intention of conveying the personality of each consumers individuality.

Through recent times we have learned thoroughly different skills to be able to provide, modify and create anything which can be imagined or seen. Giving us tenacious opportunities to provide the best work we can. Comprising of quality, function and affordability. Our main focus is to create what we love most, so no passion or motivation is lost from our projects. This means the customer can expect nothing but detail and realism in which we create.

We seek happiness from these skills, not money nor customers.

At Lux Mods, we aim to give you the customer quality products at quality prices. We offer a range of services from premium skins to luxury models and so much more! We formed in May 2022. and have since grown into a huge team of developers, skinners and support staff and are quickly becoming one of the biggest modding groups around. Since opening, we have had over 730 people pass through our Discord of which most of them stayed. Our team describes themselves as more of a family rather than a team and it couldn’t have been described any better!

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